Mozilla Responsible Computing Challenge Logo


"The Responsible Computing Challenge- supported by the Mellon Foundation, Omidyar Network, Schmidt Futures, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, USAID, Mozilla - fund academic teams that combine faculty and practitioners from Computing, Humanities, Library and Information Science, and Social Science fields in order to reimagine how the next generation of technologists will be educated."

"By reimagining and redesigning undergraduate curricula and pedagogy to be both intentionally interdisciplinary and inclusive of diverse perspectives, the goal is to support a new wave of technologists who will:

  1. Understand social and historical context
  2. Think more critically about the design and use of technology
  3. Deploy cultural sensitivity to recognize when and how technology work may perpetuate or deepen inequality
  4. Create visions for more equitable systems across the technology sector and in related fields to ultimately build more responsible and ethical tools, applications, platforms, policies, and social norms."